EyeFit Gamers with Biofinity

EyeFit Gamers with Biofinity

Did you know that video/computer gamers spend approximately 35 hours/week in front of a computer screen? Many gamers will play with great concentration until near exhaustion, playing for hours with few, if any, breaks. They also typically have a lower-than-average blinking rate, which leads to discomfort in the form of dry eye*. Now imagine what the gaming experience is like for a contact lens wearer.

The line of Biofinity lenses makes it easier for you to fit the unique needs of everyone - including gamers. Biofinity offers natural wettability and a unique combination of high Dk (128) and low modulus. Biofinity also features extended wear, giving you the flexibility to prescribe the lenses for up to six nights/seven days at a time to optimize patient convenience, fitting right into the gamer lifestyle.

For more about gamers and contact lenses, click here. For more on the Biofinity family of lenses, click here.

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