Optimized Toric Lens Geometry™

Your patients with astigmatism need contact lenses with different optical powers in different meridians. And those meridians must be oriented in just the right way and remain stable to correct their vision. While lens movement on the cornea is important for healthy contact lens wear, too much movement with toric lenses can diminish the quality of vision for your astigmatic patients.

Thanks to our Optimized Toric Lens Geometry™, CooperVision® toric lenses provide your astigmatic patients with the visual acuity and stability they need.

How it works

Optimized Toric Lens Geometry results in a multifaceted toric lens that’s designed to provide predictable, consistent visual acuity, lens stability, fit and comfort in standard or extended range prescriptions.

  1. Uniform horizontal ISO thickness
    • Improves centration and stability by reducing lens rotation; simplifies the fitting process and provides better visual acuity 
  2. Wide ballast band
    • Increases the area devoted to stability and a comfortable fit 
  3. Smooth, continuous surface
    • Maximizes comfort during eyelid interaction
  4. Larger toric optic zone
    • Provides clear visual acuity over an extensive range of powers
  5. Unique back surface curvature
    • Reduces movement on the eye, creating a more stable, dependable fit