Binocular Progressive System™

CooperVision® Binocular Progressive System - an innovative 3-ADD multifocal system that provides clear vision at all distances1, even as your patients' presbyopia advances.1

As your patients who wear contact lenses progress into presbyopia, they want to continue enjoying their active, on-the-go lifestyles. But their existing lenses may no longer provide the clear vision that they have come to expect.

Thanks to the CooperVision Binocular Progressive System™, spherical contact lens-wearing patients with all levels of presbyopia can experience optimal visual acuity at every distance.1  

How it works

The Binocular Progressive System is an innovative 3-ADD multifocal system that uses different lens designs specially crafted to help the eyes work in tandem. This system provides a simple initial fit and an easy progression through the system as the near requirement increases.1  


Binocular Progressive System Technology - CooperVision


For early presbyopes (Spectacle Rx ADD +0.75D to 1.25D)


MyDay Contact Lens - Daily Use - Early Presbyopes

The contact lenses for both the dominant and non-dominant eyes feature low ADD aspheric center-near designs with a wide distance area and optical progression into the reading area. This combination is ideal for maintaining clear distance vision when transitioning into multifocal lenses.


For advancing presbyopes (Spectacle Rx ADD +1.50D to 1.75D)


The wide, clear distance vision provided by the low ADD design for the dominant eye is supplemented by a medium ADD design for the non-dominant eye, featuring the increasing near support of a widened, strengthened central reading area.

MyDay® family - Contact Lens - Multifocal - Advancing Presbyopes


For later stage presbyopes (Spectacle Rx ADD +2.00D to 2.SOD)


MyDay® family - Contact Lens - Multifocal - Later Stage Presbyopes

The same, familiar low ADD design continues to be used for the dominant eye while an innovative high add design with a single powered, spherical center-near zone and dual intermediate power zones is used for the non-dominant eye; it features a single-powered central reading zone for wearers who need the most help with their near vision.


The Binocular Progressive System is designed to help presbyopes achieve the vision experience they once had. It offers presbyopes optimal visual acuity at all distances, even as their prescriptions and vision needs change.1


Reference: 1. CVI data on file, 2020. Prospective, double-masked, bilateral, 1-week dispensing study with MyDay® daily disposable multifocal; n=104 habitual multifocal contact lens wearers.