Student Myopia Leadership Society

  • Student myopia leadership society.

Program Description

The Student Myopia Leadership Society provides educational experiences for a student at each school and college of optometry in North America who is dedicated to helping treat children with myopia. The student will learn more about the evolving landscape of myopia management and how to achieve the best evidence-based outcomes in clinical practice. The student will connect with CooperVision leadership, collaborate with their peers, and learn from myopia management leaders in the optometry profession.

Benefits of the Program

  1. $1000 stipend to enhance their optometric experience and assist in travel expenses to the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) Annual Meeting.
  2. Invitation to attend a fully paid educational meeting with networking opportunities at CooperVision’s facility (Victor, NY), Spring 2024.
  3. Opportunity to connect with CooperVision Best Practices Honorees and other Optometric Leadership.
  4. Help shape the support for current student optometrists in training by engaging with optometrists affiliated with CooperVision as well as CooperVision leadership.
  5. Showcase participation in program through industry promotion.
  6. Opportunity to be highlighted in and contribute to ECP Viewpoints publications and podcasts.

How the Program Works

CooperVision invites each school and college of optometry in North America to select a student from either the second- or third-year class to serve for a one-year term. In addition to the benefits outlined above, they may be asked to maintain the MiSight® 1 day and Paragon CRT® diagnostic lens sets and support myopia management patient care as instructed by their Contact Lens Director. The student will serve as a liaison with other students to share initiatives, product updates and scholarship opportunities with their classmates.

Program dates

The student will serve a one-year term that begins in late summer, shortly after the start of the academic school year. All Student Myopia Leadership Society selections must be received by the end of August of every year.

Enrollment process

The Contact Lens Director submits their selection for the Student Myopia Leadership Society to A representative from Professional & Academic Affairs will reach out to the student to confirm and finalize the selection.


Optometry students and educators.