Student Complimentary Lens Program

  • Student complimentary lens program.

Program Description

The Student Complimentary Lens Program provides optometry students and residents with a complimentary 6-month supply of Coopervision® soft contact lenses or one pair of specialty gas-permeable lenses, including select orthokeratology, hybrid, and scleral lenses.

Benefits of the Program

  • Get clear vision this school year, at no cost:
    Complimentary 6-month supply or one pair of specialty lenses from the CooperVision portfolio for the student's own use every academic year.
  • Firsthand experience with different CooperVision product families each year:
    Try a different CooperVision product each school year and gain personal experience wearing a variety of lenses.

How the Program Works

To obtain a supply of contact lenses from CooperVision, students and residents must have an eye examination and contact lens fitting at the school clinic. Upon completion of all necessary follow-up, they will obtain a valid contact lens prescription. At that time, they may order a complimentary 6-month supply of the prescribed CooperVision lenses per academic year. Students may only order one 6-month supply of any CooperVision brand. If they would like a 6-month supply of lenses in consecutive years, they must be fit for a different CooperVision product.

Complimentary contact lens supplies must be requested through the proper administrative channels at the school and then ordered directly from CooperVision. Orders should not be placed through the school’s contact lens distributor.

Who Is Eligible?

All optometry school students and residents are eligible for one 6-month supply annually of CooperVision contact lenses during each year of their optometric education. Faculty are not able to participate in this program.

Program participants are generally third- and fourth-year optometry students.

Application Process

Contact the school clinic administrators to schedule an eye examination and contact lens fitting appointment. Once the prescription is finalized and ready to order, complimentary lens orders must be placed via email at through the Contact Lens Department Administrator who is responsible for placing contact lens orders at each school.

Program Dates

Students are able to fill their prescription after completing the fitting process for each lens type.

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