DigitalBoost™ Technology

Both MyDay Energys® and Biofinity Energys® contact lenses share DigitalBoost technology.

Lens Design to Help Reduce Eye Tiredness

An innovative single vision aspheric lens design that delivers a +0.3D boost, which helps reduce eye tiredness associated with digital device use.

  • May help reduce ciliary muscle stress from overworked muscles during digital device use§2.
  • May help ease accommodative burden.
  • This aids sphere patients’ eyes to better adapt when shifting focus between digital devices and the real world.
  • Which helps with eye tiredness associated with digital device use.
Overworked Ciliary Muscles illustration

DigitalBoost technology wearers were significantly more likely than sphere wearers to say1

  • Their eyes felt less tired during or after working with a computer*.
  • They didn't have to strain to see well after some time working with a computer**.
  • Their eyes hurt less when working with a computer.
  • They didn't have to blink a lot while using the computer at work.
  • They didn't have heavy eyes at the end of a working day.


*After 2 weeks of daily wear Biofinity 4,5 ± 1,4 and Biofinity Energys® 3,1 ± 1,5; p<0.05. 

**After 2 weeks of daily wear Biofinity 2,8 ± 0,8 and Biofinity Energys® 1,9 ± 1,0; p<0.05. 

†After 2 weeks Biofinity 2,9 ± 0,6 and Biofinity Energys® 2,2 ± 0,6; p<0.05. 

‡After 2 weeks of daily wear Biofinity 3,0 ± 0,5 and Biofinity Energys® 2,0 ± 0,8; p<0.05.

§Based on a statistically significant difference of the mean change in Accommodative Microfluctuations and when compared to a lens without DigitalBoost™ /Digital Zone Optics® after reading on an iPhone 5 for 20 minutes held at a distance of 25 cm. Study conducted with Biofinity Energys and sphere.

1. Montani G, Treso F, Martena M. et al. Effects of different contact lens design on accommodative function and eyestrain symptoms of young adult subjects after VDT use. Presented at: 2021 BCLA Virtual Clinical Conference and Exhibition; June 13-14, 2021

2. Kajita M et al. Changes in accommodative micro-fluctuations after wearing contact lenses of different optical designs. Cont Lens Ant Eye (2020) In Press