Aquaform® Technology

The main challenge with any silicone hydrogel contact lens material is finding the right balance between moisture content, oxygen transmissibility and modulus. CooperVision overcame this challenge by pioneering Aquaform® Technology, with a unique set of structures that are integrated throughout the lens material. More than 24 million wearers experience the great vision and incredible comfort that their eyes deserve thanks to our Aquaform Technology2.

How it works

  • Aquaform Technology starts with a proprietary network of long and short silicone chains. These are then purposefully interlinked to deliver the right balance of high oxygen transmission1 and optimal modulus.
  • Powerful hydrophilic arms on the silicone chain network attract and anchor water molecules making it highly compatible with the polymers throughout the entire lens matrix1.

Contact lenses with Aquaform technology are hydrated to twice their weight in water making them highly moist and naturally wettable1. This is the power of Aquaform Technology: The ability to retain water from core to surface without the need for surface coating or added wetting agents in the lens material1.

Thanks to Aquaform Technology, we’re able to offer lenses that provide the hydration, breathability and softness that your eyes deserve. 

Unique characteristics of Aquaform Technology

Lens property

The Aquaform Technology patient benefit

Forms hydrogen bonds with water molecules to lock water into the lens

A naturally hydrophilic silicone hydrogel lens

A highly wettable surface for a comfortable wearing experience

Utilizes a unique silicone macromer that provides long chanins of silicone

High oxygen permeability (DK)

Helps keep eyes clear, white and healthier

Low amount of molecular bridges connecting the macromers together

Optimum modulus

A softer, more flexible lens





1. CVI data on file 2022.
2. CVI Data on file, 2022. Based on global product sales and internal estimates of products using Aquaform® Technology over 12 months in 2022.