Excellence Award Program

  • Give Brightly Excellence Award Program

Program Description

The Excellence Award Program provides students entering their 3rd or 4th academic year with the opportunity to receive a complimentary specialty fitting set. 

How the Program Works

CooperVision® is proud to partner with Optometric Universities and their eligible students to provide the opportunity to receive a complimentary fitting set. Any student who completes the requirements is eligible for a fitting set.


  • Attend a CooperVision webinar and write up key learnings from webinar.
  • Write up two (2) unique case reports with use of CooperVision Specialty contact lenses. Case reports cannot be repeated or shared between students and are unique for each student.
  • Attend a live webinar or watch an on-demand training video and provide key learnings. Register or log in to the Online Success Center to access a list of on-demand learning opportunities.

Who Is Eligible?

Program participants are generally third- and fourth-year optometry students.


Application Process

The completed webinar review and case reports can be submitted to lejohnson@coopervision.com.

Fitting sets can be ordered by sending an e-mail to coopervisionorders@coopervision.com with the subject line ‘GBP-[school name].’ Fitting set orders must be placed via email at coopervisionorders@coopervision.com through the Contact Lens Department Administrator who is responsible for placing contact lens orders at each school.

Program Dates

All program requirements must be met by April 30th of their 4th academic year.

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