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 About the program

The inspiration for this program is the profound effect your practice has on the lives of your patients, and the role your practice plays in growing our industry. Your leadership and passion encourage a commitment to exceptional patient care, more innovative approaches and methodologies, and generous community service.

CooperVision’s goal is to recognize and gather the best individual practices and thought leaders from across the country to share the elements of their business that not only make them successful, but also a model for where our industry is headed.


Selection as a Best Practice is more than a single moment of recognition. While it is well-deserved proof of growth, commitment, and hard work, it is, more importantly, the next step in elevating your practice – and your role as a leader in shaping the future of our industry.

Honorees will be introduced to one another at CooperVision’s Best Practices Summit to gain valuable insights and perspectives from their cohort. Throughout the year, they have opportunities to share their experience with others on expert panels and other events around the country as recognized leaders in our field.

Together, they’ll have the opportunity to answer some of the most pressing questions that eye care practices are challenged with today, provide tools to help others excel, and will likely find more inspiration for their own practices along the way.


Best Practices is an industry-advancing initiative of CooperVision, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses and related products and services. The program is an extension of our longstanding commitment to eye care professionals just like you and the mission we share: improving the way people see every day.


Best Practices Honorees


CooperVision’s Best Practices Program celebrates those that are elevating the industry through their excellence in patient care, business development, and community support. The eye care professionals listed here are members of a prestigious group that have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to achieving this excellence and who are helping provide valuable insights to help other practices grow.

CooperVision is proud to honor these professionals and their teams as Best Practices.