Social Media Content Curation

What is content curation?

In basic terms, content curation is the process of identifying a topic, screening through large amounts of information, determining the most pertinent material, and posting the best and most relevant information. The goal of content curation is to engage and retain your current consumers and also to increase value of your business by providing up-to-date and applicable material to entice new customers.

Why is content curation important?

Content curation ensures that social media postings contain the most current and informational material. With so much content floating around, it is easy to lose focus on what information is actually beneficial to your consumers. In order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition in an ever changing market, make sure you are posting timely and accurate content to continue to engage and inform your consumers. With countless social media outlets, it is easier than ever to share information. Many companies use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach their target audience. These are great options for broadcasting information on a large scale to reach as many people as possible; you might even pick up a few new subscribers.

How can EyeCare Prime Premier help with content curation?

Content curation is included in an EyeCare Prime Premier subscription. Taking advantage of this service will save your practice time and help build your brand. EyeCare Prime Premier provides your practice with a dedicated consultant that will provide marketing across all digital and social media platforms with timely and quality social postings. You will both engage your current consumer following and also attract new patients, effectively increasing total practice profits. Not only does EyeCare Prime Premier assist in content curation, but it can also improve your local search visibility, monitor and manage your online reputation, as well as quarterly progress reviews and analytics. Check out EyeCare Prime Premier to see how we can help your business thrive.

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Quick tips for effective content curation:

  1. Provide quality and timely content
  2. Share information on a regular basis
  3. Leverage tools to manage the curation process
  4. Do not be afraid to recycle great content
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