With the advent of the mobile smartphone and social media applications, there has never been a better time to launch and grow your practice with these new tools.  The road to success in social media may be very winding and confusing with so many options and so much noise.  Below are three tips for getting your practice up and running with social media.

1.  Create and Manage Your Facebook Page: Amerians are spending more and more time on Facebook and have grown accustomed to checking their Facebook newsfeed on an hourly basis.  As such, most people feel the most important information should come to where they are, rather than where you want them to go. Creating an active Facebook Page allows you to join the conversation and meet people where they are - on the Facebook newsfeed.

2.  Share Photos and Have Fun: People enjoy using Facebook primarly because it's a great photo sharing app.  Facebook makes it very easy to alert people when they have been "tagged" in a photo.  People also tend to engage with photos more than simple articles or text updates.  When sharing photos of your practice, make sure you have fun!

3.  Discounts and Promotions: The #1 reason people "Like" a brand on Facebook is for discounts and promotions.  People want to feel that they are receiving special treatment by liking your page.  When you get a fan, make them feel special by giving them a discount or promotion only available through liking your Facebook page.  "Check-in Deals" are another great way to reward your customers for interacting with you on Facebook.

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