Why Managing Social Media Statistics Matters

Time is valuable for anyone; even busy optometrists. Keeping track of social media statistics on your social media pages can seem like a time sink, but it is important if you want to reach patients effectively. There are tricks that can help you save time and energy when it comes to tracking social media statistics on your pages. One of the best tools that your practice can use to help save time and connect with patients effectively is a social media dashboard.

What Is A Social Media Dashboard?

Dashboards combine all of your social media accounts on one site. It can also schedule out content and manage social media statistics. Many optometry practices have someone who spends multiple hours a week monitoring social media statistics and updating each site. By creating a dashboard, you can cut the work and effort needed to communicate efficiently with patients.

What Can A Social Media Dashboard Do For Your Practice?

  • Save time managing social media statistics and content Schedule posts to social media platforms using an automated system.
  • Track relevant metrics to see what content performs well in order to make an informed decision about future content for patients.
  • Locate relevant optometric terms for search engine optimization

Which Dashboard Do You Choose?

  Here is a list of dashboards to check out:

  • Hootsuite: A top pick for obvious reasons. It is very easy to use and offers free service for your first five social media networks.
  • Tweetdeck: An app that will arrange your feeds, allow you to schedule tweets, has filters, and allows you to have unlimited accounts.
  • Leftronic: For the statistics lover, this dashboard offers real time metrics and is great to put on big screens for everyone in the office to see.
  • Unilyzer: This dashboard shows what is trending and allows you to do side-by-side comparisons. 
  • Threadsy: One of the best features about this dashboard is the ability to use multiple email accounts as well as Facebook and Twitter all in one site. 
  • SoDash: Not only is it a dashboard, it has artificial intelligence. They have created a technology that will help decide what is important and which category messages belong in. 
  • Sprout Social: Includes monitoring, analytics, and publishing tools all from your phone.


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