CooperVision Contact Lens Consultants: Your Secret Weapon to Success!

CooperVision Contact Lens Consultants: Your Secret Weapon to Success!

Our contact lens consultants at CooperVision are here for one reason only – to support you and your business. Our NCLE certified consultants have over 100 years combined experience and provide expert fitting advice to practitioners for all channels and products. The trained professionals on the CooperVision contact lens consultant team are expert in resolving the most challenging fitting scenarios and serve as an educational resource for practitioners, staff and sales team members.

Some examples of how a contact lens fitting consultant can be your secret weapon to success:
General Inquiries:
• Please explain “LARS” to me.
• What’s the difference between a “D” and an “N” Lens.
• Please explain “Optimized Ballast Lens Design” to me.
CooperVision Specific Inquiries:
• Please explain “Balanced Progressive Technology” to me.
• What is Aquaform Technology?
• What’s the difference between Avaira and Biofinity?

CooperVision contact lens fitting consultants can be the difference between patient success and failure. We can help you grow your practice by helping you enhance your fitting knowledge of CooperVision products, which helps to reduce chair time. Besides being a revenue generator to your practice, our consultants can also be your secret weapon to success – about 60% of our calls deal with multifocal lenses and custom toric lenses and fittings. The CooperVision consultants can help you reduce chair time on complex patients or those with extreme vision correction needs.  Our consultants can also support your staff members’ contact lens training.

Do you have a question about fitting? The CooperVision contact lens consultants are professionally trained to guide the practitioner and his/her business to contact lens fitting success - support is available from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm (EST) at 1-800-341-2020.

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