An Answer to Digital Eye Strain

Eye care professionals leverage CooperVision® MyDay Energys® and Biofinity  Energys® contact lenses to address eye tiredness and dryness associated with digital eye strain— and as a tool for building their practice.

Americans spend a significant amount of time throughout the day on digital screens1—we are all on, all the time. Patients of all ages rely on digital devices to stay connected, productive, educated and entertained, and sometimes all at once. In fact, nearly 67% of adults reported using two or more digital devices simultaneously.2


The hours spent fixated on screens can take a toll on the eyes. Digital eye strain is the ocular discomfort— including dryness and tiredness—that is felt after two or more hours on digital devices.3 And today’s patients are seeking solutions.


As a trusted resource for patients, eye care professionals have a unique opportunity to educate about digital eye strain and help them address some symptoms of digital eye strain.

  • Nearly 4 out of 5 contact lens wearers are interested in knowing more about reducing eye strain / tiredness associated with digital devices.4

  • Fewer than 1 of 4 adults said that their eye care professional had ever talked to them about digital device use and its effect on the eyes.5


MyDay Energys® and Biofinity Energys® combine an innovative aspheric design and material technology to help eye tiredness and dryness associated with digital eye strain.

  • DigitalBoost technology single vision aspheric design delivers a +0.3D boost of power that may help ease strain on eye muscles so the wearer can shift focus from on screen to off screen with less effort.6
  • Aquaform® Technology hydrates contact lenses to twice their weight in water for natural wettability7 and incredible comfort, which can help eyes feel less dry, even during times of reduced blinking.
  • 8 out of 10 patients agree that MyDay Energys® and Biofinity Energys® lenses help reduce eye tiredness associated with digital eye strain.8,9
  • Contact lens wearers reported reduced eye tiredness and dryness after wearing MyDay Energys® compared to their habitual contact lenses.10
  • Patients experiencing eye tiredness and dryness had high overall satisfaction  when  wearing  Biofinity  Energys® with their level of digital eye strain.11


With this innovative contact lens technology now available in both the monthly and 1-day modalities, eye care practices can meet the vision correction needs of more patients experiencing digital eye strain.

“Being in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we are known in the community for offering the best and the latest technology. Our patients expect us to bring that to them,” said Nikki Iravani, OD, of EyeXam in Santa Clara, Calif. “We have always liked Biofinity Energys® in our practice because of the lens design and its benefits for digital device users. Now, having that available in a 1-day with MyDay Energys®—this was the missing piece that I can now offer to a wider spectrum of patients. These lenses are great additions to my toolbox.”



“We see patients come in every day asking for a solution [to digital eye strain], and CooperVision has given it to us,” said Torrey Carlson, OD, of Dr. Carlson & Associates in Johnson City, Tenn. “Put these lenses on some eyes. They are a huge practice builder.”



† Based on a statistically significant difference of the mean change in Accommodative Microfluctuations and when compared to a lens without DigitalBoost™/Digital Zone Optics® after reading on an iPhone 5 for 20 minutes held at a distance of 25 cm. Study conducted with Biofinity Energys and sphere.

* Experience symptoms of digital eye strain 3.0/5 vs overall comfort after 1 week daily wear with MyDay Energys® 3.4/5 (statistically significant   p<0.05).

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