Biofinity Energys® | A contact lens for the digital age

When Biofinity® first launched in 2006, it broke many ECPs perceptions of what a silicone hydrogel could be. It was one of the first silicone hydrogel lenses to offer a naturally wettable surface, adequate oxygen transmissibility for extended wear, and a low modulus to support all day comfort. Biofinity® is powered by Aquaform® Technology and is the secret behind the long-lasting success that Biofinity® contact lenses have experienced with wearers and ECPs.  Biofinity Energys® is the next breakthrough, bringing Biofinity® contact lenses into the digital age with optics designed for digital device use.  

You may wonder which of your patients is a good candidate for this lens.   A recent survey found that 95% of Americans used digital devices more than 2 hours per day[1]. A 2016 report from the Vision Council stated that even 2 hours of digital device use per day can put patients at risk of digital eye fatigue[2]. This suggests that the vast majority of your spherical contact lenses wearers in the monthly modality might benefit from the Biofinity Energys® contact lens. In just the last 15 years digital devices have gone from virtually non-existent to commonplace, just take a look at Figure 1 below.

changes in the digital age

Figure 1.  Photo of attendees watching a golf tournament in 2002 vs. 2018.

So what makes Biofinity Energys® uniquely suited to digital lifestyles? It is the unique combination of both a material technology to address the dryness felt by digital device users AND an optical design to address the eye tiredness experienced (Figure 2). A recent study on digital eye fatigue by Professor Kolbaum of Indiana University found that both dryness and eye tiredness were the most prevalent and severe symptoms reported by patients complaining of digital eye fatigue. It makes sense to choose a lens with technologies which may address both of these key symptoms.

Your next question may be, does the lens actually work to help wearers address symptoms of digital device use? In a recent survey, 8 out of 10 wearers agreed that Biofinity Energys® lenses with DigitalBoost technology made their eyes feel less tired compared to the Biofinity® sphere lens[3]. Additionally, Biofinity Energys® retains excellent comfort with 9 out of 10 wearers agreeing that the lens made their eyes feel good3. This is because Biofinity Energys® is based on the same material as the original Biofinity® lens, so it takes advantage of Aquaform® Technology and its ability to provide long-lived wettability and comfort for wearers even with today’s demanding lifestyles.

Finally, Biofinity Energys® wearers are happy with the lens. A recent survey of 200 Biofinity Energy lens wearers found that 96% of patients agreed that Biofinity Energys® lenses helped their vision after just 1-week of wear[4]. Furthermore, 77% of patients agreed, after one month of wear, that Biofinity Energys® lenses help their eyes feel less strained at the end of the day, even after a long day of using digital devices4. 

So why not give Biofinity Energys® a try to energize your practice and delight your patients?

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[1] Pew Research Center Survey conducted Jan. 3-10, 2018.

[2] Vision Council 2016 Digital Eye Strain Report: Eyes overexposed, the digital device dilemma.

[3] Among patients who use digital devices at least 4 hours per day at least 5 days per week and self-report symptoms of eye fatigue at least once per week.  After 1 week of wear. Data on file.

[4] Data on file.

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