“A Logical Upgrade”: Biofinity Energys® for All Monthly Sphere Wearers

Dr. Maurice Zadeh of Family Eye Care of Roswell

Dr. Maurice Zadeh of Family Eye Care of Roswell has had tremendous success upgrading his monthly sphere wearers to Biofinity Energys®for better comfort and vision for today’s digital lifestyle.  He took some time to discuss how he positions the lens and how it has benefited his patients.

Q: Tell us about your experience with Biofinity Energys.
A: I have been utilizing Biofinity Energys as my monthly modality of choice since it was added few years ago to the CooperVision family of products. I have been very pleased with the results.

Q: What type of patients are you fitting in Biofinity Energys?
A: Biofinity Energys has been my lens of choice for monthly modality wearers. Patients who experience dryness as well as patients with long hours of exposure to computers and other electronics appreciate the improved comfort and sharper acuity during their day to day tasks.

Q: What symptoms are patients complaining about when it comes to digital device use?
A:  Eye strain, intermittent blur, and burning sensation of the eyes that intensify as the day progresses.

Q: Overall how have patients reacted to the Energys product?
A: The reaction has been generally very positive. Patients are less dependent on lubricants and can wear their contacts for longer hours. Also, their eye strain is reduced when faced with long hours of screen time.

Q: What advice would you give to other doctors who haven’t tried the lens or had success fitting the lens?
A: Position Biofinity Energys as a logical upgrade to their current monthly contacts. It is a unique product that takes into consideration not only the comfort issues but also vision challenges faced by computer and digital device users.

Talk to your rep about how to succeed with Biofinity Energys in your own practice.  And learn more about how it helps your digital device users here.

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