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clariti® 1 day offers unbeatable handling, all-day comfort, and a healthier* wearing experience, all at a significant value for patients new to contact lens wear.1-4

For eye care professionals (ECPS), new wearers can be a prime opportunity to grow their contact lens practice. But prescribing the right lens to patients new to contact lens wear can also be vital to the patient’s wearing success.

During the first year of contact lens wear, about 26% of new wearers drop out, with many doing so within the first two months.5 Additionally, studies have reported that handling and comfort are the most common performance-related reasons for contact lens drop out in new spherical lens wearers.5

Dr. Andrew Neukirch, OD, of Carillon Vision Care in Glenview, IL, discusses the major considerations for new contact lens wearers and why clariti® 1 day is his lens of choice for his new CL-wearing patients.

1. Consider New Wearer Needs

Contact lens materials, optics and replacement schedules are important considerations to enhance patient comfort, ocular health, vision and ultimately lens retention for new wearers.6

Narrowing in on the ECP’s perspective, prescribing contact lenses for new wearers involves careful consideration in several key areas to ensure patients obtain optimal vision, comfort, and ocular health, Dr. Neukirch says. 

For him, this should include prescription accuracy; an ocular health assessment of the tear film to rule out any contraindications to lens wear; the patient’s lifestyle and daily activities; and the new wearer’s motivation and commitment to proper lens care and hygiene.

2. Tap into the Daily Disposal New Wearer Advantage 

The soft contact lens market continues to grow, with daily disposables remaining a leader in replacement schedules. 7

Daily disposable lenses eliminate the need for cleaning and storage.5 Additionally, they promote better hygiene and reduce the potential risk of complications.

“New wearers often find daily lenses more comfortable during the adaptation period, as they don't have to adjust to prolonged wear,” Dr. Neukirch says.

3. Remember: Material Matters

SiHy lenses are often easier to handle for new wearers during application and removal training as they are slightly firmer compared with hydrogels.6

Dr. Neukirch always selects materials that provides adequate oxygen permeability (high Dk) and moisture retention to promote corneal health and comfort. 

“SiHy lenses typically have a stiffer modulus that makes the initial insertion and removal training easier on the staff and patient,” he continues. “We prioritize comfort to enhance the overall wearing experience, and we find this improves patient satisfaction and adherence.”

Other studies have found that a patient’s satisfaction with single vision contacts directly correlates to how easy it is to remove the lens.5,8 

4. Dispel the High Cost of Dailies’ Perception with clariti® 1 day

A daily disposable contact lens doesn’t need to come at a high price. clariti® 1 day offers the convenience of a daily disposable, combined with ease of handling and a healthy* wearing experience, and all at a very reasonable cost.9-11 In fact, the clariti® 1 day family provides patients a silicone hydrogel lens at a price comparable to a hydrogel 1-day lens.10

“While cost is certainly a consideration, we always emphasize the overall value, including the convenience and that daily disposables are the healthiest way to wear soft lenses.We do mention that daily disposables can potentially save money on cleaning solutions and cases over time,” Dr. Neukirch notes.

5. Select the Right Daily Disposable for New Wearers

clariti® 1 day’s SiHy material offers high oxygen permeability for a healthier* and more comfortable contact lens wearing experience, Dr. Neukirch says. Additionally, clariti® 1 day’s UV blocking properties help protect the eye from the transmission of harmful UV rays.

 “Also, as a daily disposable lens, clariti® 1 day eliminates the need for cleaning and storage,” he adds. 

When compared with three other daily disposable contact lenses, clariti® 1 day was shown to have good handling characteristics.12 The same study reported on the overall performance of the lens and found that clariti® 1 day provides high levels of satisfaction for comfort, dryness, handling and vision quality after one week of daily wear.12

6. Prescribe clariti® 1 day to Your New Contact Lens Patients

clariti® 1 day contact lenses feature high water content (56%), UVA and UVB blocker,‡ and a low modulus of 0.5 MPa, comparable with other hydrogel lenses. The clariti® family also offers sphere, toric and multifocal options in a broad range of parameters, representing an ideal entry-level contact lens for new wearers.13 

“clariti® 1 Day has been our workhorse and go-to new wearer contact lens for a number of years,” Dr. Neukirch says. “We educate both current and potential patients about the benefits of clariti® 1 day lenses in terms of comfort, ease of use, convenience, and ocular health.”

7. Manufacturer Resources Make It Easy to Connect with New Wearers

Dr. Neukirch offers trial lenses to new patients, which allows them to experience the benefits of clariti® 1 day firsthand. 

“We utilize the well thought out CooperVision marketing materials and social media campaigns to showcase the advantages of clariti® 1 day for new wearers. We also rely on the training our CooperVision representatives provide to our team on effectively communicating the benefits of clariti® 1 day lenses to new wearers.”

Learn more about how clariti® 1 day is the ideal lens for your new to one-day patients.


*With high oxygen delivery for daily wear, SiHy materials minimize or eliminate hypoxia-related complications during daily wear.

†When used and worn compliantly.

‡Warning: UV-absorbing contact lenses are not substitutes for protective UV-absorbing eyewear, such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses, because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. Patients should continue to use UV-absorbing eyewear as directed.

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