ToriTrack: More Than Just a Soft Toric Lens Calculator

ToriTrack: More Than Just a Soft Toric Lens Calculator

ToriTrack is a toric soft lens management system developed for contact lens practitioners by CooperVision. ToriTrack is more than just a soft toric contact lens calculator – it is software that is capable of managing your entire soft toric lens practice from lens design to ordering, including total management and tracking of your soft toric lens patients. Its many features can be used separately or in combination with each other.


ToriTrack uses predictive algorithms that accurately calculate axis misalignment due to crossed cylinders from rotation of the toric soft contact lens on the eye. The toric calculator is unique in that it incorporates the patient’s spectacle Rx, contact lens Rx, and sphero-cylinder over-refraction to determine the resultant contact lens. This method accurately determines the resultant lens without relying on the estimation of lens rotation on the eye.


ToriTrack can be accessed online at, where it is also available to download onto your PC or Palm platform device. Either way, its features are generally the same and it is very easy to use. It can be used to store patient data, convert prescriptions from the spectacle plane to the corneal plane, assist in lens design and selection, and calculate the resultant lens power of a toric soft lens with sphero-cylindrical over-refractions. It can even assist in the ordering of CooperVision’s soft toric contact lenses.


While each of the features has a useful purpose, I especially enjoy using the spectacle to corneal plane conversion the most. This portion of the calculator not only converts the spectacle prescription to the corneal plane, but it also displays a list of CooperVision products that are available in those parameters. The calculator also recognizes the power masking differences between the modulus of the thicker Hydrasoft Toric lenses and the lower modulus products and adjusts the recommended contact lens power accordingly.


I am sure that you will find ToriTrack a useful tool in your contact lens practice. I am looking forward to sharing with you in the coming months some of the ways I use ToriTrack to manage my soft toric lens patients more affectively and efficiently.

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