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Offering the best visual solutions to your patients can have a tremendous effect on your practice growth by bolstering your reputation as a “vision problem-solver” in your community. Dr. Britney Caruso of Caruso Eye Care in Lake Worth, Florida recently spoke with us about the impact Biofinity® multifocal has had on her practice growth. Here’s what she had to say.

Britney Caruso, OD

What initially made you start fitting Biofinity and then continue fitting it based on the experience you had with it?

Dr. Caruso: Well, I was truly reluctant to get into this multifocal market, because monovision seemed so easy. I was afraid that I would not have the same experience with the multifocal. Then my contact lens rep introduced me to other doctors who were having successes with multifocals.  I figured if all of these other people are having so much success, I should be able to do the same. I was introduced to some of the clinical pearls, and some basic tips on how to fit the lenses. As soon as I started, I saw how happy the patients were with the lens… it was almost contagious. I saw my practice start to grow, and I realized that fitting Biofinity mulltifocal was linked to practice growth.

Do you find that monovision patients adapt well and are happy with the multifocal versus their old monovision setup?

Dr. Caruso: Absolutely. The younger the patients, the more adaptable they are. But even for my more mature patients who have been wearing monovision lenses for some time transitioning them to the Biofinity multifocal lens is actually quite simple. They are happy with the range it gives them and adapt easily.

What do you think the biggest challenge is then in fitting a multifocal patient?

Dr. Caruso: The biggest challenge is trying to figure out which lens to pick.  For most multifocal fit sets, it seems like you have to understand a huge, complex equation: +.025/-0.25, D, N. It is just seems so complicated. With the Biofinity multifocal, as long as you understand a few basics from the fitting guide, fitting the lens is pretty simple.

What features of the Biofinity multifocal were most important to you? What do you think resonates the most from a practitioner’s standpoint in terms of lens features to make it a lens of choice?

Dr. Caruso: Well for one, it is a comfortable lens on the eye.  It feels like the Biofinity sphere. Two… there seems like there is a nice range of clarity.  My patients report that they can see clearly at a full range from distance to near. And three… like I said, is the ease of fitting the lens.

What overall impact did Biofinity multifocal have on your practice?

Dr. Caruso: It is incredible. I work in a somewhat rural area. There is nothing by my office. Many people do not realize that my office even exists. The main way that people find me is through referrals. When I started fitting Biofinity multifocal lenses, people would go out in the community and say, “My doctor fit me in this lens, and now I do not need reading glasses.” It really creates a wow factor.

As I started to fit these lenses, I found that more people were being referred to my practice by other patients in the area. Or patients came in and said, “My friend got multifocal lenses, and she was fit by you. I would like to try it too.” It was almost contagious. I found that, specifically, my multifocal contact lens practice has grown exponentially since I began using Biofinity multifocal.

And then with the clariti® 1 day multifocal, my practice has grown even more… because with the clariti 1 day multifocal, I fit the patients who may just want a lens for going out on the weekends or doing fun activities or just want the convenience of a daily without giving up their multifocal setup. It is also a super easy fit and has been a great addition to our practice for continued growth.

Read more about Biofinity multifocal and clariti multifocal on their product pages and ask your sales rep how offering these options can benefit your practice.

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