The Presbyopes are Here! Be Ready to Delight them with Biofinity® Multifocal

By 2020 the number of presbyopes in the U.S. is expected to reach 123 million.1 There are a wide variety of multifocal options on the market to address the needs of these presbyopes. Presbyopes are often thought to be a difficult group to to fit and to keep happy in contact lenses.  Despite these preconceptions, recent data suggests that presbyopic contact lens wearers actually wear their lenses more frequently than traditional lens modalities like spherical and toric lenses.2 Furthermore, a recent research article has shown that the attitudes of presbyopes toward contact lenses and their level of satisfaction is no different than non-presbyopes.   The researchers conclude that ECPs should not shy away from recommending multifocal contact lenses to presbyopic patients.3

In this issue of product spotlight, we showcase Biofinity® multifocal which is well-suited to the needs of modern presbyopes in two significant ways:

Aquaform® Technology

Helping to combat the dryness that is so often a complaint of aging contact lens patients.

Balanced Progressive Technology®

A unique combination of two optical designs to give you the flexibility to provide optimal vision for your presbyopic patients.


First, the Biofinity multifocal takes advantage of Aquaform® Technology, the breakthrough technology underpinning the Biofinity family of lenses. The unique chemistry found in CooperVision’s exclusive Aquaform® Technology attracts and binds water throughout the lens material to retain moisture. It creates a naturally hydrophilic silicone hydrogel lens that’s also highly breathable, so your patients can enjoy a healthier lens-wearing experience.

Secondly, Balanced Progressive Technology® is CooperVision’s advanced multifocal design that contains multiple zones of vision correction for exceptional vision at all distances: near, intermediate and far. This bio-interactive technology harnesses the natural image processing power of the visual cortex to enhance vision. The ability to utilize both a center-near and center-distance multifocal lens design gives you unparalleled flexibility as a practitioner to optimize the vision of your presbyopic patients.

To help you get started we’ve gathered a few key tips from multifocal fitting experts to help you on the path to delighting your presbyopic patients with Biofinity multifocal.

  • Biofinity multifocal may have a different design than previous multifocal lenses you’ve used. Always check the fitting guide and utilize consultation services to help troubleshoot, if needed. (1-800-341-2020, Option 4).
  • Do not provide more add power than necessary.
  • Refit monovision patients one eye at a time.
    • Refit non-dominant eye with a multifocal first.
    • Refit dominant eye after patient has adapted.
    • Works for emmetropes as well.

Would you like more product information or a Biofinity multifocal fit set to get started? Reach out to your CooperVision sales rep for assistance.

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