Welcome to the Profession!

Congratulations and welcome to the profession of optometry! An exciting journey is ahead and there are many ways you can get started on your mission to help improve people’s vision. We know there are an overwhelming number of decisions to make in the next few months that will have a big impact on your career; CooperVision is here to help. Hear a few words of wisdom from your peers.

“Keep learning, our profession changes every month. Stay on top of it!”

-Dr. Ian Whipple, Vision Source of Farr West


“Always remember why you chose the profession in the first place. Keep that passion alive and it’ll help you during tough times.”

-Dr. Andrew Neukirch, Carillon Vision Care


“There are so many ways in which you can gain fulfillment from Optometry. But I think the things you’re going to love are all the opportunities to meet these wonderful people that are going to enter your life. The relationships you’ll be building with your patients, the community in which you live in and your capacity to give back.”

-Dr. Raj Patel, Vancouver Vision Clinic


“Always remember to do the right thing for what the patient needs.”

-Dr. Michael Shaheen. Hills & Dales Vision, Inc.

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