VIDEO Post: Welcome to the newest optometry students!

Welcome to the profession!  You’re embarking on an exciting journey that culminates in helping people see life more clearly.  There is simply nothing more rewarding.

The next four years are bound to be some of the most gratifying yet challenging years you’ll face. They will take dedication, perseverance, determination, and a little help from loved ones and industry partners like CooperVision.

Our ongoing partnership with optometry students and educators provides invaluable resources and support to future optometrists. From scholarships to mission trips, students are offered unique opportunities to bring topical information to life, earn money for school, and receive supplemental, hands-on learning experiences.

CooperVision provides several unique programs to students throughout optometry school, two of which are available to first-year optometry students:  

Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) Student Chapters (SVOSH)

Bring optometry care to developing countries

Help bring vision care to people in developing nations around the world. VOSH is present in most optometry schools and colleges, and members participate in mission trips to serve populations in need with eye examinations and the fitting of glasses.

Eligibility: All optometry schools and colleges that are registered as a student chapter with VOSH International. 

Student Complimentary Lens Program

Complimentary 6-month supply of CooperVision lenses

Receive a complimentary 6-month supply of CooperVision lenses during each year of optometry school education through the Student Complimentary Lens Program. This program is designed to familiarize students with a variety of CooperVision products.

Eligibility: All optometry students

“We are thrilled to see another year of talented, inventive, and committed students continuing their education in optometry,” said Dr. Steve Rosinski. “You’re taking a big step here, and we want to do everything we can to help you succeed, starting with offering our robust student programs for you to take advantage of. We are honored to have the chance to partner with another year of future doctors.”

As you work your way through optometry school and enter your second, third, and fourth years, more CooperVision programs will be available to you. Learn more about additional partnership opportunities with CooperVision at our students and educator’s page:

Please feel free to reach out to CooperVision at anytime at We look forward to connecting with you throughout your education!


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