Want to Enhance Patient Convenience?

Want to Enhance Patient Convenience?

In today's ultra-competitive environment, simply providing the best eye care in town isn't always enough to keep patients returning to your office. Add convenience and price savings to the top-notch service you provide and your patients will happily return. We're here to help on both accounts.

Enhance patient convenience and practice productivity
Why do patients order contact lenses online? Why do consumers purchase anything online? One reason is the high level of convenience associated with clicking and buying versus driving to a store and buying off the shelf. With CooperDirect, our direct-to-patient delivery program, lenses can be ordered through your office and shipped directly to your patient's home or office, saving them an extra trip.

The invoice for the order is shipped directly to your office and free shipping is offered with the purchase of four or more multipacks.* CooperDirect helps to save your patients an extra trip while saving your office time, therefore enabling your practice to run more efficiently. Who doesn't want more time? For more information and program details, please visit our website.

Offer additional savings
Your patients can now benefit from savings of up to $100 on their CooperVision contact lens purchase - we recently announced our new rebate values for the remainder of 2011. Savings are offered on purchases of certain sphere, toric, and multifocal lenses and an additional rebate of $20 can be added to product rebates for new wearers. The CooperVision rebate program requires all receipts to be from the same prescribing practitioner or affiliated location so while your patients benefit from added savings, your office gets the benefit of the in-office purchase. For more information, including program terms and conditions, please visit our website.

*Refer to the CooperVision Direct Trade Policy for more information.

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