Using Short Videos in Social Media to Market Your Practice

Hand holding a smartphone with Vine app open

The use of short videos in social media is dramatically increasing in popularity and is projected to quadruple internet usage by 2014 according to a Cisco Systems study. This tool is a great way for your practice to connect on a more interactive and intimate level with patients. In seconds, a video can do what might take you hundreds of words to convey in a written post, and is a great way to attract new patients and connect with regular patients between appointments. In the long run, this will keep them coming back to your practice, as well as recommending your office to others.

The three major social media platforms for video sharing include: Video on Instagram, Vine and YouTube.

Video on Instagram:  With the success of photo sharing, Instagram launched a new tool feature for their app called “Video on Instagram.” This feature allows users to film, edit and post videos as quickly and conveniently as photos. Like the “in app” camera for Instagram photos, there are thirteen possible filters through which users can film their videos. Videos are up to fifteen seconds long and show up on a user’s newsfeed, with a section for likes and comments. Users have the option of scrolling through video stills to choose the best and most attractive cover photo for their video. This cover photo will be the face of their video in the newsfeed.

Vine: This mobile app allows users to create short, looping, six second videos. Users create videos through the “in app” camera that can be immediately shared. The app has a similar format to Instagram where users’ have the ability to follow and be followed by their peers. These videos are posted in a newsfeed format with a section for likes and comments, similar to that of Instagram.

YouTubeYouTube has grown into a competitive social media platform. It has become a place where companies can open a dialogue with customers and patients using videos of any length. Users can create a YouTube channel, collectively holding their videos as well as business information.

Once your practice is set up on these platforms, consider these topics for content:

  • Promote products and offers: Introduce the types of lenses or frames your practice sells and any special offers available. This will encourage patients to book an appointment, or browse the shelves for a new look.
  • FAQs: Whether related to your practice specifically or eye care in general, patients always have questions awaiting answers.
  • Give your patients an office tour: Take your viewers through a tour of your office. If you cannot make it happen in fifteen seconds, create short videos describing separate rooms and their uses.
  • Give your patients notice about what to expect when they come in for their appointment: Take your patients through what happens at a typical eye care appointment and any tips about what they can do to get the most out of their visit.
  • Introduce viewers to your office staff: Everyone loves seeing a friendly face. Create short videos introducing the people who keep your practice running successfully.
  • Film industry related demonstrations that your patients can follow: Educate your patients through video demos like, “How to properly insert and remove contact lenses.”

Collectively, these short videos will create a visual profile of your practice so remember, be professional, but entertain! 

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