Free Social Media Tools For Your Eye Care Practice

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Utilizing social media tools can help you manage your practice’s platforms more efficiently and effectively. This list of free tools has been compiled specifically for the purpose of assisting you with analyzing and understanding customer activity on your platforms, scheduling future posts, developing a strong fan base and compiling platform interfaces in order to easily manage multiple accounts. Since your customers are active beyond normal hours of operation, it is important to consistently post content- even on the weekend.

Smartphone Management Apps

Smartphone apps are a great way to help maintain a consistent posting schedule during non-business hours, while also allowing you to also specify future times and dates of postings.

Buffer (Free and $) This application allows you to manage multiple social media platforms from one interface makes it easy to quickly post content or schedule posts throughout the week for each account. This application also includes detailed analytics for each of your posts, making it easier to discover the type of content your customer base finds engaging.

Facebook Pages Manager (Free) Facebook Pages Manager, allows the page manager to post as well as schedule future posts on their page, share photos, receive notifications, inbox messages and new page “like” notification from their mobile device. Features also include; page insights, settings, current admins, and the ability to manage multiple pages under that account from the application.

Website Plugins

Integrating plugins onto the homepage of your website is a great way to encourage customers to navigate amongst your various social media platforms, while also helping to drive engagement levels and increase your fan base. (Free)

Facebook Plugins

Twitter Widgets

Google+ Badge

Google Map

Additional Management Tools

TweetDeck (Free) TweetDeck is a desk top tool that allows you to organize various Twitter account on a dashboard. Your dashboard is customizable, allowing you to remove any unwanted features, while having the capability to add other features. This tool enables you to track tweets, mentions, keyword, and people.

Pinterest Web Analytics (Free) Pinterest’s built-in analytics provides site owners with insights on how people are engaging with Pins that originated from their website. This is a great way to gain information about a client base and help determine future content that may draw high levels of engagement.

WooBox (Free & $) This application allows Facebook page managers to add custom Facebook tabs to their Facebook page, which are capable of redirecting customers to the indicated platform (i.e. Yelp, Twitter, Pinterest). Adding a tab to your Facebook page that redirects to your Yelp profile or Google+ page is a great way to cross-link your platforms, which can help to increase your platforms searchability and views.

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