Simple Ways to Grow Your Social Media Fan Base

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After a social media page has been created for businesses, users often wonder how they can make it known to fans.  Fans can be customers, potential customers, or just users interested in your product or services.  Your business will be more popular on Facebook and/or Twitter as more people follow your business page.   Although this seems like a difficult task, there are simple ways to gain fans and popularity with and without spending hard-earned money.

1. Ask Your Friends and Family

The easiest way to gain fans is to ask the fans you already have – your friends and family!  This is very simple because your friends and family can ask their friends and family to do the same and so on.  Word of mouth can be a great tool in gaining fans.   

2. Connect With Other Optometry/Eye Care Pages

Becoming fans of other optometric offices and optometry Associations allows you to learn and engage.  Seeing what your peers are posting can give you ideas on what to post on your page.  Become a fan of CooperVision and CooperVision Global on Facebook, as well as follow CooperVision and CooperVision Global on Twitter for interesting and shareable content.

3. Use Keywords and Hashtags

Search for specific keywords or hashtags that is relevant to the optometry/eye care industry.  Some trends in the eye care industry include:

Eye exams (#eyeexams)

Optometrist (#optometrist)

Contact lenses (#contactlenses)

Eyeglasses (#eyeglasses)

Sunglasses (#sunglasses)

Frames (#frames)

Be sure to use those keywords in your business descriptions and social media posts. 

4. Create Original and Exciting Content

When you post on your social media pages, you want them to be engaging and interesting for your fans.  Try to share content 3 to 4 times a week whether it be articles, deals that are going on in the office, funny cartoons, or interesting photos that are eye-catching.

5. Run “Fan Only” Promotions

It’s always exciting to enter a contest or promotion to win something like a pair of Ray-Bans or even an iPad!  If you decide that you want to run a promotion, make it so only “fans” of your page can enter.  This will make it so people have to like your page in order to be entered in to the promotion. 

6. Run Advertisements, Promote Posts, and Create Offers

If you find that your efforts aren’t getting the results you want, many social media sites allow you to advertise and promote posts for a price.  However, you must have at least 100 Facebook fans before you are allowed to create a Promoted Post or a Facebook Offer.  Doing this will allow you to target the right audience, which may grow your fan base in a short amount of time.  Just be sure you’ve tried all the other simple ways before you start spending hard-earned money.    

Growing your social media fan base seems easier said than done, but it all starts with creating a Facebook and  Twitter page for your business.  When your business pages have been created and optimized, remember these easy ways to grow your social media fan base.  

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