Pinteresting Tools To Use On Pinterest

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Not only is it one of the fastest growing social media sites in the world, Pinterest is the third most trafficked social network in the US. It is an effectively place to market your practice while having fun with your patients.

Here are some tools to make your eyecare practice more Pinteresting:

Customized Boards

Once you’ve created an account, create “boards” that not only sell your product, but also allow your patients to take an interest in the products or images. This means using images (from your website) that show a celebrity wearing a brand of frames that you carry, interesting optical illusion, or even your seasonal frame displays. Because the images automatically link back to the site they were pinned from, you don’t need to write your website link into the caption. Make sure that the caption is not selling the product, but rather something the average consumer would say if they were to pin it.

You can also create a board or two that have nothing to do with eye care, but rather things that interest you or your business is indirectly connected to. Although a majority of Pinterest users are women, a board all about food would attract all users!

Pin-It to Win-It Contests

The same way a radio host will give away concert tickets to the 100th caller, you can create a chance for a lucky user to win a prize of your choice.

All you need to do is curate an image that reflects the brand and appeals to wide audiences and write a caption depicting the instructions of the contest. For example, you could write that the 1000th person to repin the image will win a pair of sunglasses, service from your practice, or a gift card. Once that’s complete, be sure to spread the news across all of your social networks and websites to create more buzz.

Pinterest has features that allows you to see who’s following your page or boards and who likes and repins your pins so tracking can be as simple as checking your e-mail.

Pinterest Analytics

There are sites available, such as PinReach, that allow you to see exactly how much reach you have and what the trending pins and members are. Your reach can tell show you what needs to be added or eliminated to attract more Pinterest users and get more people back to your website and other social networks. The trending pins and members can also give you some more Pinspiration for your own boards.

Unlimited Potential

With 23 million unique users and thousands of businesses on Pinterest, there is no shortage of images to pin onto your boards so be creative! If you’d want to pin it personally, chances are your patients would too.

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