Pinterest And Your Optometric Practice

Between tweeting, blogging, and posting engaging content, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the continuous upkeep of multiple social media platforms for your optometric office. It’s no surprise that the thought of Pinterest may have made you think twice at the thought of adding another platform into your weekly social media juggle! But ignoring site means you will be passing up the opportunity to save time and really grasp what your patients are all about.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest is a great way to locate and organize content into categorized boards. Users can pin content onto their own boards, repin content from other’s boards, or simply like an image. This highly visualized platform allows users to easily browse through content, or quickly search for a specific topic. By creating virtual pin boards, users can easily keep track of their latest interests.

What Makes Pinterest Different?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Pinterest is the focus on individuality in a social network. For businesses, this is a great way to take an in depth look into your customer base and really understand what interests them, what their goals are, how they portray life and decide how to brand your optometric practice to appeal to your target patients. This infograph video helps explain the demographic profile that Pinterest has attracted and also gives a brief demonstration on how to use Pinterest.

How Can Pinterest Grow Your Optometric Practice?

Since it is likely that your practice has created a website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account, it will be easy to link your Pinterest account to these platforms and quickly gain followers (your patients). Once your patients start to follow you, begin to determine what your patients like, who they follow, what they pin, and their most recent activities. Having this information enables you to better decide what content to post on your platforms, what content will help to increase patient engagement and how to market your business to further attract them. For example, with summer coming, you may notice an increasing amount of users pinning different styles of sunglasses. This information enables you to decide what style your patients are looking for this season, how to use this information to attract their attention, and what image you want your practice to convey. Learn more on how other businesses are using Pinterest in order to engage effectively with users.

How Does Pinterest Compare Against Other Social Media Platforms?

Pinterest has grown at an incredibly rapid rate becoming the 3rd most trafficked social network in the United States. Here are some statistics about Pinterest’s rapid growth:

  • Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. They’ll also spend 10% more on average.
  • With over 11 million unique monthly visitors (and counting), Pinterest became the fastest standalone website to eclipse the 10 million per month mark ever.
  • Users spend an average of 89 minutes on Pinterest, which is almost double the combined average of time that users spent on Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace and Google+.
  • 79% of Pinterest users are more likely to purchase items they’ve seen on Pinterest compared with Facebook users purchasing behaviors.


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