CooperVision Joins APS on Capitol Hill

Gary Orsborn at the podium .

Gary Orsborn, OD, MS, FAAO, FBCLA, Vice President, Global Professional and Clinical Affairs at CooperVision, joined the Healthcare Alliance for Patient Safety (APS) on Capitol Hill last week to brief Congress on robocall and contact lens concerns. Dr. Orsborn presented on the topic of telehealth in eye care and reiterated CooperVision’s position that doctors must remain integral to ensuring that patients achieve excellent vision outcomes and contact lens wearing experiences.

“CooperVision sees telehealth technologies as an opportunity to improve patient health and convenience experiences, as well as improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a doctors’ practice,” said Orsborn. He further cited CooperVision’s EyeCare Prime and LensFerry businesses as great opportunities to understand how online tools can benefit doctors and their patients. Both support the patient’s desire to interact with eye care as they do with other categories, while retaining the central role of the doctor to ensure good patient health outcomes.

An APS press release quoted Dr. Deanna Alexander, Chairwoman of the Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety. “Access to contact lenses should be fair and safe for patients while preserving the doctor-patient relationship, just as Congress intended,” said Dr. Alexander.

Contact lenses are U.S. Food and Drug Administration Class II and Class III regulated medical devices. Proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule remain under review.

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