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During the past three years, CooperVision has shared important updates regarding the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s review of the Contact Lens Rule. Company representatives have been actively involved in these discussions, including serving on FTC panels in Washington, educating Congressional lawmakers and agency officials, and encouraging eye care professionals to communicate their own experiences. Additionally, as a charter member of the Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety, we have been instrumental in extending and elevating these conversations to the highest levels.

Yesterday, the FTC published proposed changes to the Contact Lens Rule, covering four principal areas:

  1. Patient acknowledgment of prescription receipt.

  2. Modifications how robocalls are used in the verification process.

  3. Enhancements to the prohibition on prescription alteration.

  4. Allowing electronic delivery of prescriptions to patients.

You can read more and access the full notice at

The CooperVision advocacy team is currently reviewing the proposal, in anticipation of sharing additional experiences and insights with the FTC as it seeks further public comment. 

Of course, we want your feedback as well; please email Our continued partnership will help promote a contact lens purchasing and wearing experience that balances access and convenience with continued safety.

The doctor-patient relationship is central to the widespread adoption of contact lenses, and voicing support for that dynamic is essential. We are committed to advancing healthy contact lens wear for millions of consumers, and stand side-by-side with tens of thousands of dedicated eye care professionals like you in their support of the same.


Michele Andrews, OD

Senior Director of Professional and Academic Affairs, North America

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