VIDEO POST: A Real-world Perspective into the Lives of Early Presbyopes

Losing near vision is more than an inevitable part of aging—it is inconvenient at best, and downright frustrating and debilitating at worst. Eye care professionals see patients with presbyopia every day, but do patients fully open up about the impact of the condition on their lives? 

Many presbyopes “just want things to be the way they used to be” and are unwilling to accept anything less. Others are resigned to taking the path of least resistance without understanding that things could be better, if only they asked for something more than reading glasses.

As CooperVision prepared for the launch of its breakthrough MyDay multifocal contact lens, it convened a panel of patients who are just beginning to experience presbyopia to talk about life with the condition, including how it feels to lose a piece of their vision, and what they would like to hear and learn from their ECPs about presbyopia and their vision correction options. The resulting discussion provides raw, real-world perspective into the lives of early presbyopes—patients who could walk through the doors of any practice in the country.

1. CVI data on file, 2020. Prospective, double-masked, bilateral, 1-week dispensing study with MyDay® daily disposable multifocal; n=102 habitual multifocal contact lens wearers.

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