MyDay® multifocal: A lens for all presbyopes

by Jennifer Stewart, OD

Jennifer Stewart, OD

As an ECP fitting primarily daily disposables, I am always looking for ways to wow my patients and continue to provide them with the latest and greatest in new contact lens technology.  One area that I take pride in is our multifocal penetration- I have embraced multifocal lenses for my patients since the beginning, and always look for a news lens design and technology to continue to offer my patients the best vision at all distances.

When the MyDay® Multifocal was launched, I was honored to be one of the first to receive a fit set.  I immediately set out to offer the lens to all presbyopes that I saw, so I could begin learning how better to fit the lens, who would be a great candidate, and other pearls to share to help other doctors be successful.  What I was most impressed with off the bat was the versatility of the lens. 

With many presbyopic patients, end of day discomfort and dryness can be a real issue.  I have had great success with the MyDay® sphere and toric lenses with all patients, due to the comfort of the lens from insertion to end of day[1],[2].  The MyDay multifocal features the same Aquaform Technology® I was familiar with.  This gives my patients the best combination of comfort, handling[3], softness and lens performance.  The high water content and modulus of the stenfilcon A lens make it a soft, flexible lens that easy for all patients to handle[4].  I know my patients are getting a healthy lens wearing experience based on the high oxygen permeability (100 Dk/t at -3.00).

What truly sets this lens apart is the CooperVision Binocular Progressive System®, which gives clear, crisp vision at every distance[5].  Instead of just having different add powers, this system has different lens designs for all levels of presbyopia.  This lens also has more prescription options than any other 1-day multifocal lens, so I know I can use this lens for almost any patient in my chair[6].

One new exciting benefit of the MyDay multifocal is that it is also an environmentally friendly lens choice[7].  With such a focus on sustainability, I am particular in what lenses I am prescribing for my patients, and love to share with them that the MyDay multifocal is a net plastic neutral lens[8].   This means that for every MyDay contact lens box bought, Coopervision purchases a credit from Plastic Bank® to collect and convert an equal amount[9] of ocean bound plastic[10].  This plastic is repurposed into the global manufacturing supply chain.  For those patients who are uneasy about converting to daily disposable lenses due to possible waste, this is a great way to educate them on the lens choices that are available.

As a nearly presbyopic patient myself, I’m always looking at myself as a patient, and thinking about my contact lens journey.  As a patient who is happily wearing MyDay sphere, what will happen to me as I near presbyopia and need reading correction?  I’m very happy with the comfort of my lenses, as are many of my patients[11].  Having a complete MyDay® family of lenses makes any changes a much easier conversion.  The patients who have been happily wearing MyDay® sphere become an easier conversion into the My Day multifocal[12].

With close to 8 months of using the MyDay multifocal in my practice, where do I see the most success?  For me, it is all pre-presbyopic and presbyopic patients.  I have been impressed with how well the lens performs in my low add patients[13], as these patients can be challenging.  I find these patients are having great success with adding a small amount of reading help, but having little to no compromise in their distance vision13 - which we all know can be tough in this group!  For my moderate add patients, this lens really shines in having balanced vision at all distances[14].  They continue to have great distance vision, find the reading comfortable, and report that intermediate is much improved14,[15].  The success for the Low and Medium ADD patients can be attributed to the aspheric center near design of these two lenses15.

For my high add patients, I’m always concerned that a lens that provides them with acceptable reading will always come with a significant compromise in distance vision.   The High ADD MyDay multifocal lens has a spherical center near design, along with dual intermediate zones.  This really provides these patients with optimal vision at all distances15

My real success in fitting this lens comes from using the OptiExpertTM tool.  It saves me valuable chair time and helps me select the first lens combination for my multifocal patients[16].  I utilize a scribe in my exam room, so as soon as I start talking to the patient about a multifocal lens, my scribe has already pulled up the OptiExpertTM app on their tablet and is entering in the patient’s prescription.  I usually give the lens selection a once over and have my scribe pull the lenses, so they are ready for the patient.  Using OptiExpertTM has made me much more efficient both in the exam room, but also in not having patients back as often as the initial selection is often their final prescription[17].

What has the past 8 months taught me about fitting the MyDay multifocal?  This lens has become my top daily disposable multifocal lens choice based on its comfort and optics12.  I know this lens successfully works for presbyopic patients in all stages15.


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