How To: Leveraging MyDay® lenses in Your Practice

Maria Walker, OD, MS

Maria Walker, OD, MS is a visiting professor at The University of Houston College of Optometry, working as an attending clinician as well as on various research initiatives within the Contact Lens Department.  She took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with us about how she uses MyDay® lenses in her clinic.

Q:  What features of the MyDay® lens are most meaningful in your decision to fit it?
Dr. Walker:  The initial feature I am after in the MyDay® lens is its daily disposable indication…and on top of that, the fact
that it is one of the few SiHy daily lenses.  For those reasons, MyDay® is my go-to lens for daily fitting. 

Q: How important do you think SiHy materials are for 1-day lenses?  
Dr. Walker:  I think it depends on the patient being fit. In general, I always appreciate SiHy because corneal oxygen availability is a priority for me. Specifically, if I am fitting the lens on someone who is susceptible to corneal edema, and certainly anyone with an irregular cornea or specialty fit (ie. I use SiHy when fitting piggybacks). I also like the idea of fitting young people into SiHy lenses. We know and are learning a lot about how hypoxia can contribute to several complications that are seen with contact lenses, so if the option is there to fit any patient with a highly oxygen permeable lens, I like to take it!

Q:  How do you address price concerns when presenting your patients with a recommended switch to MyDay®?
Dr. Walker:  I am upfront about the price, and let patients know that the price is higher because it is more advanced technology and very compatible with the ocular surface. Simple as that: better products cost more. Many people respond favorably to that. I will often let a patient try on the lenses to experience the comfort and vision, and then if they decide the cost is not worth it, I move on. But often they are so pleased with the comfort and vision that they are motivated to spend the money.

Q:  What has the patient response to MyDay® lenses been compared to their previous lenses?  
Dr. Walker:  Most patients find that they are very comfortable, and specifically that they maintain their comfort throughout the day. 

Q:  What fitting tips or recommendations would you have for practitioners regarding MyDay®?
Dr. Walker:  I would recommend that practitioners think more about the SiHy options of daily lenses, and really look at the Dk of the other daily lens options before passing over the MyDay®. As people are getting into lenses earlier in life, and staying in lenses longer in life, I think the oxygen availability to the cornea is imperative for us to maximize. 

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