The Importance of Trending Keywords

How Can I Increase My Business’s Searchability? 

This is a common question that most business owners want to know, and a question that I have been asked on numerous occasions.  Although there are many components that determine a business’s searchability, you can begin to improve your business’s searchability by identifying and integrating trending keywords that your customers and prospect customers are searching for into your platforms. 

How Do I Determine What Keywords Are Trending?

In order to determine which keywords and phrases should be integrated into your platforms, utilize a free website such as Google Trends, Word Pot, Bing Keyword Research and WordStream.  Consider how customers will conduct a search for the platform you are optimizing, since communication and keywords will vary depending on the type of platform.  For example, people communicate and search for information much differently on Twitter than they do on Google.

Which Keywords Are Trending In Your Area?

Google Trends allows you to compare trending keywords during a specific period of time and for a specific region.   To begin comparing search terms go to Google Trends, enter the first search term and click search.  Next, define the location, time period, and category of the search keywords you are comparing.  Click on “Add Term” to compare keywords within a specific category.  For an optometrist, consider comparing keywords such as eye doctor, optometrist, eye care, eye exam, optometry and eye care center.  Google will then generate a graph that compares how many times that particular keyword has been searched for within the specifications that were previously defined. Use this information to better understand how prospect consumers are looking for your business and to optimize your platforms for search.    

Where Should I Incorporate Trending Keywords?

Incorporate trending keywords and heavily searched for phrases into the content section of your social media platforms and review site profiles.  Insert trending keywords into the categories field of your review site profiles and Facebook page to further define your business and to increase the searchability of your platforms.  You can also increase the searchability of your website by incorporating keywords into the content section of your website, the description meta tags and the meta descriptions.  Search engines will align the information and keywords you’ve provided on your platforms to the searcher’s query to determine the relevancy of your platforms and business.  

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