The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Woman with a phone

If you are thinking about developing a mobile marketing strategy for your business, but haven’t implemented one yet, it’s time! Statistics show that by 2014, there will be more mobile devices on the planet than people, and mobile internet use will take over desktop internet use. It has also grown ten times faster than desktop. So, whether or not you have a mobile marketing strategy in place, people are already viewing your website and searching for your business on their phones and mobile devices.

Mobile users are always online. Take advantage of this by making sure your site is mobile friendly, and has a direct call to action. Your mobile site should:

1-      Be engaging and informative. Be precise and to the point with the information you wish to communicate.

2-      Load quickly. Your information should be available quickly because, while people are on the go, they are making quick decisions.

3-      Include all basic business information. Make sure your address, phone number and other contact information is up-to-date.

4-      Have a direct call-to-action. A Click-to-call or email button to make appointments from your mobile site.

5-      Steer clear of unnecessary images and rich media (i.e. Flash).  This could slow down your mobile site and Flash does not work on Apple devices. Keep it simple.

Another aspect of mobile advertising that can greatly benefit a business is you can target by location, device, and keywords. It’s the closest you can get to the potential customer because they have their mobile with them everywhere they go. The ability to target their proximity is huge on mobile devices. One third of mobile searches are local. 61% of those searches will be phone calls to your business, while 59% will actually visit your business after they search. So, targeting by location can be huge for people looking for something right now, from where they are at that moment.

The list could go on and on about why you should already be implementing a mobile marketing plan but it’s really simple: communication has changed. Potential customers are constantly on the go, communicating on their mobile devices through texts, emails, etc. They are more mobile now than ever before and so should your business.  

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