Comfort Designed for the Presbyopic Eye

Comfort Designed for the Presbyopic Eye

Only Proclear's PC Hydrogel lenses replicate nature to provide a truly hydrated, comfortable lens wearing experience no matter when your patients’ night comes to an end. Plus, there's a Proclear lens to address all your patients' most common vision conditions, as well as a range of replacement schedules.

A Water-Loving Lens Material
• This unique lens material has both positive and negative charges, making it hydrophilic and non-ionic. 
• The two charges naturally bind tightly to the oxygen and hydrogen components of water

Natural Defenses Against Deposits
• Stabilizing tear film - allowing the eye’s natural tear film to stay intact
• Proteins and lipids can’t displace water
• Lowers risk of dry spots on lens
• Lowers risk of dehydration

Lens Adapts Naturally to the Eye Environment
• PC Hydration Technology achieves natural biocompatibility with the eyes moist environment
• PhosphorylCholine is so advanced it is used in other medical devices, in the same fashion

Clinically Proven Results from Patients and Practitioners
• Patients & Practitioners confirm replicating natural cells provides for a more comfortable contact lens wearing experience
• Only lenses with an FDA indication relating to the improvement of dryness-related discomfort1


1FDA-cleared labeling indication: "May provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear."

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