CooperVision's Theresa Lundahl named among the Most Influential Women in Optical

Theresa Lundahl

"At CooperVision, Theresa Lundahl’s organization is responsible for global sourcing, global packaging and end-to-end supply chain planning. The driving metric for the group is customer service worldwide or, in other words, how does it deliver the right product in the right place at the time a customer needs it?" This is the question posed by Vision Monday in their Most Influential Women in Optical issue and the question that Thresea Lundahl answers every day in her role as Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain. An essential member of the company’s executive leadership team, she oversees an organization stretching across the United States, United Kingdom and Puerto Rico. Her team is responsible for inventory planning, aggregate operational production planning, global packaging (structural and artistic), and global sourcing.

At the heart of Theresa’s success is her innate ability to understand processes and work on improving them to the advantage of the business in very pragmatic ways. Analytical capabilities and process thinking regularly put her in a position to drive solutions to real challenges. When faced with manufacturing literally millions of different contact lens parameters for customers ranging from the world’s largest retailers to single doctor practices, an airtight supply chain is indispensable.

“I think of my work as building the ‘plumbing’ that allows us to deliver as promised to our direct customers and wearers,” said Theresa. “Add our position as the largest customer-branded contact lens manufacturer and the one with the broadest manufacturer-branded portfolio; it means we have the opportunity to really help customers in ways that others can’t. My team makes sure we can consistently deliver this entire range of products with very high service levels. Whether in truckloads in bulk to distributors, or to patients a small package at a time, every lens counts. I’m truly privileged to take part in helping so many people see better each day.”

Congratulations to Theresa for being recognized for her meaningful contributions around the world - keeping contact lenses on eyes and helping CooperVision realize its mission to improve the way people see every day.

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