clariti® 1 day: Continuous Improvement

When the clariti® 1 day family was brought into CooperVision’s portfolio by acquisition in 2014, it made an immediate impact toward reaching the company’s goal of providing a lens for every eye. Over the last five years, clariti® 1 day has become a prime example of CooperVision’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement—in manufacturing, in the lens, in eye care practices, and in the lives of patients. It is this approach that CooperVision highlights in a new campaign to support its clariti® 1 day contact lenses. 

“We live in a world where the concept of continuous improvement is celebrated. As a society, we don’t settle for status quo—we are always looking for ways to take things a step further and push the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Michele Andrews, OD, Senior Director of Professional and Academic Affairs, North America, CooperVision. “At CooperVision, we are constantly evaluating how we can take what we have and make it even better. Through this effort, we have achieved several breakthroughs with clariti® 1 day, such as the contact lens molding process that yields a consistent, high-quality lens across all types and powers. That consistency in quality is critical to patient satisfaction and loyalty.”

While investing in the quality assurance of the lens, CooperVision has managed to increase clariti® 1 day manufacturing capacity by more than 200%, enabling more practices and patients to have access to the lens family than ever before. The boost in capacity is largely due to a $200 million investment in clariti® 1 day manufacturing, including the construction of CooperVision’s facility in Alajuela, Costa Rica, which has been awarded the prestigious LEED Silver certification for its environmentally conscious design and operation. The plant was built in line with the company’s global commitment to sustainability, focusing on saving energy, water, and resources to minimize the impact on the environment. 

CooperVision’s new campaign also highlights CooperVision’s partnership with eye care professionals to grow their practices with the clariti® 1 day family. CooperVision offers support and resources to help practitioners start the 1-day conversation with current contact lens wearers and educate them about the benefits of clariti® 1 day contact lenses. Eye care professionals who have found success with the lens are featured in campaign materials.

“clariti® 1 day provides an opportunity to upgrade hydrogel patients to a silicone hydrogel lens without the significant price increase that you have with some other lenses—but you still have the benefits of the high-quality material,” said Kerry Pearson, OD, who practices in Mesa, Ariz. “That is a big help in having that conversation with the patient.” 

One of the pillars of the campaign focuses on clariti® 1 day’s continuous improvement for the benefit of patients. The lenses’ all-day comfort and convenience enables patients to live their active, busy lifestyles.

CooperVision’s clariti® 1 day continuous improvement campaign includes trade print and digital advertisements, social media promotion, e-mail blasts, blog content right here on ECP Viewpoints, and a dedicated webpage at


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