clariti 1 day results featured in UK trade media

clariti 1 day contact lenses

In a recent article for the UK-based trade magazine, Optician, the results of a clariti® 1 day practitioner and patient experience survey were covered by members of the CooperVision EMEA Professional Services team. 

The article discussed the output from a survey of patient and practiioner experiences in France.  The findings from this large-scale multi-center assessment featured high levels of success and satisfaction with clariti® 1 day in both new and habitual wearers.  It also highlighted the lens as an ideal choice when upgrading wearers from both frequent replacement lenses and hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses. There were high ratings for comfort, vision, handling, overall satisfaction and lens preference.  The survey also revelaed wide acceptance of clariti 1 day contact lenses among eye care practitioners.

clariti 1 day contact lenses provide silcone hydrogel at a price comparable to conventional hydrogel lenses. Read the full-text article about the advantages of clariti 1 day that were identified in this study and talk to your patients about the healthy advantages, convenience, and affordability of clariti 1 day contact lenses.


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