clariti® 1 day contact lenses: A Fit for All Ages

The clariti® 1 day contact lens family is the only complete family of silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses.  With sphere, toric and multifocal options, clariti® 1 day contact lenses are an affordable way to provide a healthier lens wearing experience to patients of all ages.  We asked a few clariti® 1 day fitters for their thoughts and insights on the clariti® 1 day family of lenses for successfully fitting patients of all ages.  Heres what they had to say:

Bruce Lucas, OD

Bruce Lucas, OD: "clariti® 1 day contact lenses have been my first daily of choice since I was one of the original 20 doctors utilizing the lens as a member of the Contact Lens Advisory Panel for Vision Source.  It offers several advantages for patients, including the increased oxygen transmissibility of a silicone hydrogel, UV protection (which many lenses do not have), and the high water content that allows the lens to stay comfortable throughout the wearing day.  By being the only silicone hydrogel daily lens available to accommodate spherical, astigmatic, and presbyopic patients, it is an ideal lens for nearly all of our daily wear patients, and the quality of vision of all of these lenses has been extremely good.  Another big advantage is the cost, allowing us to fit daily silicone hydrogel lenses at prices comparable to basic daily hydrogel lenses.  The clariti® 1 day family of lenses is simply a home run.”

Josh Rajasansi, OD

Josh Rajasansi, OD: "I describe the clariti® 1 day family of lenses like ‘bringing a gun to a knife fight!’ The clariti® 1 day family of lenses has a large range of powers: sphere, toric and multifocal. From the young wearer to the patient with presbyopia, clariti® allows us to meet the vision needs of a population whose demands are continuously evolvingwith age. Happy, healthy patients with clear comfortable vision is my goal, and the clariti® 1 day family is my most effective tool to achieve this."

Leslie Gallagher, OD

Leslie Gallagher, OD: I began making a concerted effort to move my monthly and 2-week replacement patients into daily disposable about 5 years ago.  So, our office has a significant number of patients already wearing daily disposable lenses.  With the clariti® 1 day family of lenses, I can refit the vast majority of patients.  I find that my patients prefer the comfort of clariti® 1 day lenses over others, particularly at the end of the day. The sphere and toric designs are my workhorse 1-day lens for younger patients.  I recently started using the clariti® 1 day multifocal and love it!  The multifocal is great for older patients because the handling is excellent. We often overlook handling because as doctors we are experts at handling lenses.  But handling issues can be a big hassle for older patients.  clariti® 1 day lenses insert and remove easily. There are so many great choices for 1-day lenses, but the clariti® family of lenses have really streamlined everything in my contact lens practice.

Casey Hogan, OD, FAAO

Casey Hogan, OD, FAAO:The clariti® 1 day family of silicone disposable lenses truly allows you to fit the entire family. The lens is great for the younger child who enjoys sports due to the all-day comfort and UVA-UVB protection. The astigmatic college student who pushes the wearing time "limits" will enjoy the comfort and quality of vision. And parents will enjoy the multifocal design due to excellent vision at all distances.The clariti® 1 day contact lens is my go to initial lens because I canprescribe oxygen with the affordability of a hydrogel lens.  The optimized edge design and low modulus allows for initial and all day comfort, leading to greater patient satisfaction, which justifies the cost for the patient.  The oxygen transmission meets and exceeds the required amount to maintain corneal health, which justifies fitting the lens for me as the practitioner.Talk to your sales rep about integrating clariti® 1-day contact lenses into your practice for patients of all ages.

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