Biofinity: Performance that's stood the test of time

When Biofinity® first launched in 2006, it broke many ECPs' perceptions of what a silicone hydrogel could be.  Biofinity offers a naturally wettable surface, adequate oxygen transmissibility for extended wear, and a low modulus to support all day comfort.  Biofinity is powered by Aquaform® Technology: the secret behind the long-lasting success that Biofinity® contact lenses have experienced with wearers and ECPs. Aquaform® Technology is far more than a marketing buzzword – it’s the breakthrough technology that powers the Biofinity®  contact lens family.

How does Aquaform® Technology work?

  • In a matrix of long silicone chains, hydrogen bonds form to lock water molecules within the lens, for good wettability and a comfortable wearing experience.
  • The long chains mean that less silicone needs to be used to optimize oxygen transmissibility, which helps keep eyes clear, white and healthier.
  • Reduced silicone content also results in a low modulus, which makes the lenses soft and flexible to enhance comfort and fitting versatility.
Aquaform technology

Water molecules (as shown in the figure above) are  distributed  evenly  throughout the lens and enable the lens to attract and retain moisture even during times of reduced blinking.  Today’s modern lifestyles with heavy digital device use are placing ever greater demands on our eyes. Aquaform Technology continues to provide long-lived wettability and comfort for wearers even with today’s demanding lifestyles. In fact, Biofinity is the fastest-growing frequent replacement brand in the US.

In addition to having a unique material to support patient comfort and satisfaction, the optical designs of the Biofinity specialty lenses help deliver excellent vision quality to patients. Our market-leading Biofinity toric design continues to get rave reviews from patients. A recent survey of more than 5,000 Biofinity toric wearers recealed that 87% of patients agreed that they wanted to stay in Biofinity toric and 80% of wearers agreed that Biofinity toric lenses are the best they've ever worn.1 The balanced progressive technology in Biofinity multicoal lenses gives ECPs the flexibility to optimize presbyopic vision based on patient needs. Finally, Biofinity sphere lenses also feature the aspheric optics known across our spherical lens portfolio.

While Aquaform Technology has continued to address the increasing demands that wearers are putting on their eyes, we know that heavy digital device use requires more than just a natural wettable contact lens material able to attract and retain moisture. Digital device users also complain of eye tiredness as a key symptom during their busy days. Therefore, innovation is also needed in lens design to keep up with the changing lifestyles of contact lens wearers. Biofinity Energys, the newest member of the Biofinity family, brings a unique combination of lens design and material technology to help both dryness and eye tiredness that can be caused by digital device use. We’ll dive deeper into the innovation behind Biofinity Energys in a future product spotlight segment.

Aquaform Technology – it’s the science behind the Biofinity family that wowed contact lens wearers with its combination of comfort, wettability and high oxygen transmission when it first launched in 2006 and over a decade later it has stood the test of time and continues to meet the ever-increasing demands that contact lens wearers place on their eyes.

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1.  The results of an online survey involving patients who wear Biofinity toric contact lenses. January 2018 Biofinity toric wearer online survey . Data on file.


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