Maximize wettability and water content with Aquaform® Technology

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When searching out options for symptoms of dryness and discomfort for your monthly replacement contact lens patients, look no further than the Biofinity® family of contact lenses.  Covering a broad range of prescriptions, including extended ranges and Biofinity Energys™ which may help alleviate the symptoms associated with digital eye fatigue, Biofinity has options for nearly all of your contact lens patients’ needs.  And thanks to Aquaform® Technology, the Biofinity family of lenses is able to offer the hydration, breathability and softness that your patients’ eyes deserve. CooperVision®’s exclusive Aquaform Technology attracts and binds water throughout the lens material to retain moisture. It creates a naturally hydrophilic silicone hydrogel lens that’s also highly breathable, so your patients can enjoy a healthier lens-wearing experience.

How it helps

Aquaform Technology creates that naturally hydrophilic silicone hydrogel lens by forming hydrogen bonds with water molecules to lock water into the lens. As a result:

  • Lenses stay moist without additives, coatings or surface treatments. 
  • Long chains of silicone contribute to the high oxygen permeability of the lens. 
  • The unique silicone macromer and combination of chemical ingredients provide lenses with good wettability, good water content, and high oxygen permeability.  

A lens that utilizes Aquaform Technology is almost half water. And that water is retained naturally within the lens, so it remains hydrated without the need for wetting agents.

Take a deeper look at the advantages that Aquaform Technology offers:

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