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Contact lens dropout can have a significant impact on a practice’s bottom line.  In a 2010 study on contact lens dropout, Rumpakakis et al estimated the total financial impact: "The economic impact of CL patient dropout is significant to an eye care business. The average annual revenue generated by a single contact lens patient can be as high as $326. While this number may not seem significant, the median future value of all CL dropouts for each practice can be more than $24,000 (per year)—a much more significant dollar figure to the average practitioner. Because the most frequently reported reason for dropout is discomfort, eye care practitioners should select CLs that increase comfort.1”  All Biofinity lenses have an optimized back surface and rounded-edge design that enable easier fitting and better comfort.

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Patients equate blur with discomfort

In addition, research indicates that many patients equate poor vision with ocular discomfort. In a 2015 study, Basuthkar and Simpson found a strong correlation between visual blur and perceived comfort. “When vision was not clear, the exponent of the average transducer function for discomfort was steeper and this finding is the first demonstration of an association between ocular surface sensation and quality of vision.2” With its optimized ballast toric design, Biofinity toric lenses offer a wide ballast band that provides greater stability and predictable visual acuity.

Biofinity toric wearers tend to stay in their lenses

According to recent industry data, over 93% of US Biofinity® toric wearers remained in the brand*. In fact, Biofinity toric is now the most prescribed toric lens on the market*. Keep your patients happy and comfortable and minimize the impact of contact lens dropout with Biofinity toric. And did you know? Biofinity toric lens design features are now available in a 1-day! Visit the MyDay toric product page and talk to your sales rep about meeting the needs of your daily disposable astigmats with the same proven design.

*Q3 2017 US industry data on file


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2. Basuthkar SRS, Simpson TL.  Impact of blur on suprathreshold scaling of ocular discomfort.  Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2015;56: (4)2304-2311.

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