Back To School Marketing Tips for ECPs

Student with pen and book.

With back to school rapidly approaching and shopping carts filling up with pencils, pens, and spiral bound notebooks across the country, often our other priorities get pushed to the side. However, what many fail to realize is that while the pencils are very important without good vision school work and studying is nearly impossible. So how do eye professionals market their services in such a chaotic time with back to school specials everywhere?

The answer is simple: by using informative call to actions throughout your social media pages. Learning problems in school could often be correlated to trouble with the child’s eye sight. Experts estimate that 80% of learning is visual, so with poor vision, reading and doing homework is more difficult and frustrating.

Some back to school marketing techniques include:

  1. Post on your social media platforms reminding parents how important good vision is to their child’s success in the classroom.
  2. Use your cover photo on Facebook to advertise a new special on contact lens pricing or a discount on frames.
  3. Provide a complimentary gift of back to school supplies for school age children.
  4. Encourage young adults and teenagers to try contact lenses for a fresh back to school look.

Eye care should be a priority as school approaches; this is a great time to remind your patients about eye health and its correlation to success in the class room. Use these techniques to give your patients a great start to their school year!

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