5 Marketing Tips to Live By

Marketing your practice is vital not only to acquiring new patients, but also to building relationships and retaining your current patients. Here are 5 marketing tips to follow:

1. Sell Benefits, Not Features

You might be saying, “what’s the difference”? A feature could be a physical description or attribute of the product of service. A benefit is how that product or service can help improve their lives. By selling benefits you can better connect with your patient and influence their emotional response to the product or service.  Studies show that buying decisions are mostly based on an emotional response by the consumer.

2. Keep it Brief

Do not place too much content in your marketing. Your message needs to grab their attention right away. If your target user has to read through a long message to get to the benefits, they’re more than likely not going to read that far into it.

3. Brainstorm, Organize, Act – In that order

A marketing campaign isn’t something that can be accomplished with minimal thought or planning. Take some time first to brainstorm on these questions: What are we going to promote? Where are we going to promote it? What are our limitations? Then organize your thoughts into specific delegated tasks to ensure completion. Some training may be necessary. Once it’s been brainstormed and appropriately organized, putting it into action is simple.

4. Don’t be afraid to show personality

Personality counts - especially if you’re using social media. Seeming stiff and unapproachable is not the way to attract a younger demographic. Such things as highlighting your testimonials, including pictures of your doctors and staff and showing a tie to the community on your electronic platform is a great way to show off the personality of your office and help to build relationships with your patients.

5. Heed the advice of a marketing professional

Unless you have experience in B2C marketing, you should be seeking the help from someone who has experience in developing marketing campaigns. Trying to go at it on your own can often take you much more time than intended, and more than likely fall short of your goals. If you plan on going at it without professional help, don’t be afraid to seek objectivity within your office. Having your marketing efforts reviewed by multiple parties is vital to producing quality work.

Consistent marketing planning can be essential to the long term strength and growth potential of your practice. Make the ongoing effort and you should see great results!




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