5 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

When it comes to building a complete online presence, an integral and often overlooked component is a frequently updated blog. Blogs offer a unique opportunity to convey information to your audience, while also giving them a platform to engage. Although blogs are free and easy to setup, there are a number of oft-committed faux paus that can hinder a blog’s development and success.

According to Technorati, millions of blog posts are completed daily – and that can make it hard to generate traffic. To give your blog the best chance of improving organic engagements and impressions, here are five simple tips to help you rise above the millions of other posts competing for your reader’s attention:

  • Include pictures in your posts. Images are an easy way to capture your audience’s attention.  A wall of words can be daunting and off putting for readers. Adding images has proven to be one of the best ways to increase engagement.
  • Optimize key words and phrases. Using single words to drive traffic is a thing of the past. Phrases will help improve your SEO and help guide potential new readers to your blog.
  • Post more frequently. In all likelihood, your readers will not read every post. However, posting content frequently keeps your blog top of mind and gives them many opportunities to engage with you.
  • Cross post with other social media channels. Lean on the social network you have worked so hard to build and use that audience to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Keep it concise. Brevity should be considered an invaluable asset to your blog. A succinct post will keep readers engaged and increase the likelihood that your audience reads the entire post.

The blogosphere is constantly teeming with new and exciting content. In order to compete with the other authors clamoring for your reader’s attention, using the five tips listed above will give you the best possible chance to engage and drive new traffic to your blog. 

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