Now your patients can order lenses from you on any device, anytime

LensFerry® is a secure, cloud-based commerce solution that gives your patients the convenience they have come to expect—being able to order lenses from their doctor on their phone, computer or tablet, and receive shipments at their door.

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Just a text away

Patients text “Order.” Yes, that’s it.

LensFerry® checks your EHR to see if the patient has a current prescription to ensure compliance.



Enrolling one patient per day can drive an additional $200K in sales per year.



Win back patients who walk

Patients who leave with only a prescription in hand are likely to shop around. Pull them back before they get too far with a ‘1-click-away’ order message that includes their personalized brand of contact lenses and prices.

Get in front of your patients before they shop

When it’s time for patients to reorder their lenses, make sure they think of you first. Based on our smart AI algorithm, patients will receive automatic intelligent reminders before their lens supply runs out.

More personal than an online store

Patients can order online from your custom portal, quickly accessible from any digital device and branded to your practice. Since their prescriptions are preloaded, all patients need to do is select the number of boxes they want and click ‘order.’


Set it and forget it

Subscriptions give patients the option of spreading out their payments over time and the convenience of home delivery. Not only that—subscriptions eliminate the risk of running out of lenses!

Why LensFerry®?

  • Provide the convenience, simplicity and streamlined experience your patients expect when shopping for lenses
  • Drive increased revenue by joining the growing $700M contact lens e-Commerce marketplace
  • Increase patient retention
  • Improve office efficiency and save staff time

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