Top 10 Reasons to Build Your Practice with 1-Day Lenses

Top 10 Reasons to Build Your Practice with 1-Day Lenses

Top Ten Reasons to Build Your Practice with One Day Lenses

  1. Highest patient compliance rate of any modality – 94%
  2. Regular lens replacement promotes good ocular health
  3. Daily replacement means less opportunity for deposit build up
  4. Virtually eliminates problems associated with lens deposits, such as GPC
  5. Daily Disposables are a great choice for seasonal allergy suffers
  6. Allergens have less time to build up on lens surface, minimizing allergic responses
  7. No solutions are necessary for Daily Disposable lens wear
  8. Lenses are thrown away at the end of each day
  9. Modality ideal for patients who exhibit poor lens care compliance
  10. Ideal for those concerned about solution efficacy

The actual profit per patient from Proclear 1-Days is $105.28, in comparison with a $53.76 profit from a leading contact lens brand's 2-week modality. The incremental revenue gained is $51.52 per patient, and is due to the difference in compliance (94% compliance rate with 1-days versus 48% compliance rate with 2-week - if the patient is less compliant, they will not return to you as frequently for their re-orders). This works out to an extra annual profit of $2,679.04 with 1 patient fit per week, $8,037.12 with 3 patient fits per week, and $13,395.20 with 5 patient fits per week. But what about losing patients to online distributors? CooperVision's patient rebate has a clause in which the eye exam and contact lens purchase must come from the same place.



Reason #1: One day lenses are the only modality with patient compliancy above 75%, according to the Review of Cornea and Contact Lenses (‘Compliance and Contact Lenses’, March 2006). Following one day lenses in terms of patient compliance rates are 1 week modality (67% patient compliance), 1 month modality (66%), and 2 week modality (48%). The high level of compliance with 1 day lenses is likely due to the convenience: daily lenses, like other non-extended wear lenses, are removed prior to going to sleep at night. Instead of storing the lenses, users simply throw them out and open a fresh pair in the morning. This easy agenda (in comparison to 2 week or monthly) eliminates having to write down or keep track of an inconvenient schedule. How often would you remember to throw out your 2 week lenses if your schedule is every other Wednesday?


Reason #2: Regular lens replacement encourages and promotes good ocular health. A lens is manufactured and designed for a specific modality - wear beyond the recommended time frame could increase chances of infection and build-up. Daily disposables are a great alternative for this cause due to their convenient, easy to remember nature.


Reason #3: Daily replacement means less opportunity for deposit build-up. Since the same lens is on eye for less than any other type of modality, and because the lens is not removed and stored, it reduces the chance of foreign objects accessing the eye. As an alternative, other modalities require the cleaning, storing, and inserting of the same pair of lenses for a lengthy period of time.


Reason #4: Problems associated with lens deposits and/or solutions used to clean lenses, such as GPC, cause irritation, discomfort, and the disruption of a normal contact lens schedule. Some reactions may be so severe that contact lens wear is permanently inhibited. Due to the modality, daily disposables are a good alternative to other modalities because the need to use a solution is eliminated, reducing possible allergic reactions, and deposits are less likely to occur in 1 day lenses.


Reasons #5 & #6: Allergies cause irritations, especially in the eyes, which naturally cause a reaction of rubbing and itching. This could lead to more problems, especially for contact lens wearers. Daily disposables are a great choice for seasonal allergy sufferers because allergens have less time to build up on the lens surface, therefore allergic responses and further damage are minimized. 


Reason #7: Talk about convenience! No solutions are necessary for Daily Disposable lens wear. Never again will your patients have to worry about running out of solutions, or forgetting to pack it on their travels or overnight stays. Along the lines of no solutions – daily disposables means fresh new lenses every single day. This means no lens care regimen at the end of the day, no lens storage, and no solution costs!


Reason #8: Throwing away lenses at the end of every day gives your patient a fresh new start to each day. Daily disposables eliminate the need to remember when during the month to change lenses, solution AND lens case.


Reason #9: For those patients who exhibit poor lens care compliance (whether or not they admit to it), the one-day modality is ideal. The schedule is easier to remember (insert when you wake up, throw away when you go to sleep at night), there’s less accessories to remember (no solution or lens storage!), and the user is placing a fresh new pair of lenses on daily.


Reason #10: For those patients who are concerned about solution efficacy, one day lenses are a great option. If you are concerned about your patients switching solutions from your recommended care regimen, one day lens do not require solutions.  So any concern about solution efficacy or switching is resolved.


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