Building Your Practice with Teens

Building Your Practice with Teens

Teens are among your most motivated patients as potential contact lens wearers. Although we all acknowledge this point, we have been reluctant to tap this market because we don’t take the time to educate these patients and their parents as to the value of contact lenses - not just for cosmetic self-esteem reasons, but for athletic and recreation reasons as well.

I’ve developed a list of simple ways to help build your teen contact lens practice. I’ve incorporated all of these into my practice and have found great success. I encourage you to try some as well: 

• Wall Of Fame – A bulletin board that publicizes the achievements of your teen patients in sports, academics, dance, acting, etc. Post pictures, newspaper articles, etc.
• Pamphlets – Design a pamphlet that shows teens that you are focused on their athletic and appearance needs. Emphasis the importance of contact lens to their optimal performance.
• Teen Magazines – Keep these visible in your reception area so teens and young adults have access to reading materials at their level and interest.
• Sponsor Teams – Have your practice name and logo prominently displayed on the uniform of teams in youth leagues in your community. Sponsoring a team is a great opportunity to reach and educate not only the youth, but also parents and grandparents (think multifocal contacts!).
• Sports Performance Workups – Conduct high performance Sports Vision screenings on high school varsity teams.
• Facebook, Twitter, blogs – Establish a Facebook Fan Page for your practice and post interesting articles geared to teens.  Link this page to your website.
• Website newsletter features – Routinely display teen friendly articles about teens and contact lenses and change them monthly.
• Teen Oriented Advertising – teens have many targeting opportunities in which contact lenses are a good fit. Examples include prom, school pictures, driver’s license, etc. Click on the link below for an example of our Prom Ad:

Dr. Teig's Prom Ad.pdf (64.66 kb)

• Teen “Test Drive” Seminar – host a contact lens fitting and vision screening event. Invite parents and teens so both can ask questions. Click on the link below for an example of a flyer for a Teen “Test Drive” Seminar we hosted:

Dr. Teig's Teen Contact Lens Event.doc (720.00 kb)

How to Fit Teens:
In my opinion, the most practical lenses for teen lifestyles are One Days (Proclear, clariti) and Monthlies (Biofinity). When fitting teens, stress compliance and hygiene. Teens are usually highly motivated. Listen to their priorities – don’t talk at them, talk with them. Educate them without lecturing them.

Interested in hearing more? Listen to the entire presentation led by Dr. Teig and Janice Gaub, our Senior Marketing Director of Internet and Social Media at Building Your Practice Fitting Teens and Reaching Teens with Social Media

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