You spoke. We listened. Introducing CooperVision Advantage: Business Services to Support Your Growth.

CooperVision recently surveyed eye care professionals to find out their perception of the brand. You had some compliments: CooperVision is professional. CooperVision is friendly. CooperVision is easy to do business with .… and some concerns: CooperVision could add more value to my business. CooperVision could do more to help grow my contact lens business.

We understand the difficulty of being a small business owner and we want to help you succeed in growing your business. That’s why we offer CooperVision Advantage.

What is CooperVision Advantage?

It’s a collection of products, programs, and services to help you build a stronger, more profitable practice.

Core Services

CooperVision offers the widest range of contact lenses for every eye and every budget.

  • Product breadth/depth = Fit any patient
  • Promotional programs = Reduce your cost of goods
  • Loyalty programs = Reward you for your business
  • Training and Education = A knowledgeable staff

EyeCare Prime

Free more of your time for patient care, while we help grow your business.

  • WebSystem3™ = Patient Retention
  • Premier = Patient Acquisition
  • LensFerry™ = Improve profitability by keeping lens sales in your office

We believe that the more patients you attract and retain, the more successful you’ll become. And we pledge to support you in making this happen, building everything around helping you grow – today, tomorrow and beyond.

Let’s grow together.

Visit the CooperVision Advantage website to get started!


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